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May 25, 2011
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Fly Softly by fmacmanus Fly Softly by fmacmanus
Collaboration with my secret lover :iconicickle:

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Check out :iconskillzombie:'s EPIC critique and accompaniment below, you will be blown away!

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In some worlds, physical laws are implemented in order to keep order in check. The denizens can thrive in safety and can live simply and happily provided these theoretical laws are kept in check and are enforced well. However, this very system does not apply to all lands and worlds. There are some places that do not carry any visible laws in any shape or form, be it enforcement of law, morals or even gravity. In worlds like this concepts of up and down are merely imaginary and function only if the individual in question wishes to follow it rules; as to how strict is up to them. Elements of once constructed buildings hover endless above or below, surrounding the inhabitants of the world like a veil of garbage from the past further adding to the feeling that this strange is nothing more than a collection of what was forgotten by others. Organic matter growing upon them and slowly pulsating as if this realm is part of one vast organism moving through space without rhyme or reason. Within the vast veil of mystery that surrounds this place, there appears to be a strange feeling of content within the isolated realm. All of one's feelings of inhibition and problems all begin melt away like the laws this realm once followed. You soon begin to float about not unlike the scraps and remnants about you. Old wounds and pains both emotional and physical feel as though they are healing more and more every second as your floating stabilizes about the debris; you do not know or understand why, yet you care less and less as it continues. At last your ascent or descent has completely stopped and you are finally at the level of all the clutter with all of its vivid abstracted glory. Now with your mind clear and body fully restored, you begin to explore this world for what is and begin take in its mysterious serenity for what it is, whatever that may be. Fly Softly, created by Luminarium artist *fmacmanus and ~icicle, presents us with such an unusual world blended with both mystery and abstract beauty.

The techno-organic appearance of the piece looks outstanding and really stands out from the abstract designs that are out today. From the rusted metal debris floating about to the slimy organ-like elements of the strange world presented really provoke quite a bit of the imagination as one looks upon this piece. I have to say, I don't often see 3D abstractions this vivid in both atmosphere and color. The bright and dark shades of red and blue simply glue the eyes to each and every element of this composition that doe not One thing that I have to say that stands out to me in this piece has to be the emulated muted lighting in the composition. The misty light really shows off the shading effects and shadows upon the composition and presents a deep and silent tone throughout the piece that makes one feel as though they could hear a feather hit the ground and echo upon it. In many piece, keeping a feeling of tense loneliness and isolation in a piece such as this really breathes life into the composition as a whole, allowing it jump for rather than melting away into obscurity.

While I do like a lot of what is going on in this piece as well as the experimental conceptualization behind it, there are a few things you can do to make it even better than it is now. One thing I would have to suggest would have to be expanding on the appearance of this landscape. Add more flesh like textural elements and give it a rather slimy shine to it, as if these parts were recently removed from a living being. The metal parts should carry a bit more reflectivity to them and more grime in other parts, thereby giving these elements more variety in their origins. Another thing that I would suggest for this piece would have to be a use of depth of field in this piece. It would really do it justice as well as show just how big this realm really is (you should also manually sharpen more of the elements around the center of the composition as to give the piece a better sense of focus with the effect.) Keep trying different things with this piece as I'm sure that with all of these different elements altered, it would do wonders for the compositional atmosphere and overall quality.

Within both the universe and our minds, the laws of physics do not apply in these worlds. However, within these worlds we not only cease the application of such laws, but we also store past thoughts and memories of what we once experienced or passed by. Do they simply lie in wait within this boundless and seamless realm forever floating about until one is called upon by chance? Some of us may never truly understand or even know for sure, but Fly Softly brings many of these questions to life in the form of a rather captivating 3-dimensional abstraction piece that is sure to grab anyone's attention and take them right into this strange and mysterious world first hand. Excellent work guys, and here's to many more collaborations that provoke the imagination such as this! :clap:
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mugenXclusive Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
fmacmanus Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
thaaankss :)
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Freaking awesome !

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fmacmanus Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks man :)
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pretty cool.
fmacmanus Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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you guys deserve a DD
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